Our Story

Where did the KT idea come from?

Getting children ready to go anywhere takes a lot of time. For some mothers, it is easier to just stay home! As a mother of four, Jill Wambolt, founder of KT, found that to be true. She believes that much of what happens in the home prepares children for life outside the home. One thing that we know for sure is that helping children at appropriate times to become independent promotes self esteem and propels children toward success. We want that for our children!

Jill found herself trying to help her children become more autonomous in their routine to get out the door so that they would all benefit.

It started with a simple step.

Putting shoes on the right feet sounds simple, right? Not so much. If you’ve spent time trying to get four children, that’s eight feet which need to be navigated into eight shoes, out the door in a timely manner you will understand the frustration. It became apparent very quickly that there must be a better, easier, more efficient way to get out the door.

“I used to tell the kids to make sure their toes were ‘kissin’ (we’re from Boston, the g is obsolete). If their toes were turned into each other, making them kiss 💋, then their shoes were on the right feet! It made sense and they got it,” Jill said.

“My younger children often asked, ‘are my toes kissin, Mommy?’ As a way to help the children identify the right and left shoe, I decided to add cute woodland characters to the shoes. The animals would ‘kiss’ when the shoes were on the right foot to make it perfectly obvious that they were on correctly.”

It all started with a little kiss and four kids later, Kissin Toes was born💋.